Monday, July 24, 2006

Kendry Morales has been optioned to AAA, Curtis Pride recalled.
Month  AVG  OBP  SLG
May 257 278 457
June 223 298 340
July 259 322 426
That's Kendry this year.

Remember, this is a guy who historically has taken his time to adjust to each level. Now, he is 0-for-his-last-9 (10, actually, going back to a 2-for-4 game on June 19). But before that 0-for-9, he had his season line up to 253/312/408, the highest he had been since early June. And before that mini-skid, he had been hitting 311/367/511 in July.

Well, that is only 45 at-bats, but one thinks that had Kendry not picked the wrong time to have a whopping three-game hitless streak, he might have stuck around. But something happened in those at-bats that turned the Angels off, so apparently the first base job now belongs to ...

... Robb Quinlan.

I don't know, Howie sure has a shot at getting some plate appearances there, but it looks like the Lad Brass has decided to try to ride the hot hand at the position.

I'd have to hope Howie is going to end up being the guy there, though, as long as they're too stubborn to let Dallas McPherson come up and whack his line drives over opposing first baseman's head. Because while Q is a good platoon hitter and a valuable guy to have on the bench, he's just not a guy who should be out there every day.

But I can't shake this feeling that we demoted Kendry just as he was about to start making his adjustments and go on a tear. Just last year at AA, after 200 at-bats, he was hitting 240/290/430; he ended the season at 306/349/530, going on an ungodly tear for the next 81 at-bats. I think he has such a year in him at the major league level, but we won't have the opportunity to find out if that year can be 2006.

According to Terry Smith on tonight's postgame show, Dallas was shut down from his rehab in Salt Lake because his back problems flared up again. He was sent to Arizona to be examined by the team doctors there.
Since Kotchman won't be back this year, and Morales wasn't hitting with much power when he did hit, my guess is that the Angels are trying to get a deal done to fill the power need with an infielder. Maybe they're trying to protect Kendry and using Q as trade bait - he looks better when he's playing every day.
I can't imagine anyone would want Quinlan when there is an entire lineup of players in the minors that generate more interest, especially if the Angels are really trying to acquire an impact bat.
There. Are. No. Impact. Bats. Available.
Worst-Kept Secret: Quinlan at the Top of Scioscia's Mancrush List.
I know, Morales was having a pretty good July finally, then a slight skid and he's gone?

I think it's Scioscia's putrid excuse to not bench Adam Kennedy. Scioacia will stick by Kennedy till Moreno puts a gun to his head and says "Put Kendrick at second fulltime, now!"

And yes Rev, this is Johnsamo... I see you're a Kendrick fan now. When I was touting HK over AK it was heretical to say such a thing...
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