Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Matt Harvey, our third-round pick and an acclaimed first-round talent, appears to have gone unsigned by August 15 deadline.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Harvey is a highly-regarded talent, and apparently Eddie Bane claimed he could be major league-ready in three years. (Of course, didn't he also say Kendry Morales was MLB-ready when we signed him?) We didn't have a first-round draft pick, our high pick being Florida high school pitcher Jonathan Bachanov in the supplemental round, so it seems like we'd have the money.

But Harvey has a scholarship at North Carolina, a college powerhouse (from whom we've already robbed Nick Adenhart) and was "advised" by Scott Boras, so he probably did have unusual leverage, and it would seem that whatever he wanted was more than the Angels thought he was worth. Assuming the Angels are right, then obviously they were right not to sign him at an inflated price.

(Interestingly, former professional pitcher and online mechanics guru Carlos Gomez is not impressed by Harvey's mechanics. Carlos likes a faster motion, and Harvey's is almost painfully slow [the MLB.com scouting report agreed that he needed to speed it up], so that's part of it. Of course, there are two sides to that coin: his mechanics may be suboptimal now, but if he's already this good with those mechanics, imagine how good he could be with some help!)

One cost to drafting Harvey and not signing him is that we lost our third-round pick. What is a third-round pick to us?

Well, last year we drafted Russell Moldenhauer. We didn't sign him, and he went on to start at the University of Texas, hitting 278/349/479 as a true freshman in the Big 12.

Other recent third-round picks have turned out better. Sean O'Sullivan and Sean Rodriguez both came in the third round, and other mentionable prospects taken in the round have included Steve Shell, Jake Woods, and Tommy Murphy. Scot Schoeneweis, Rance Mulliniks, and Carney Lansford were also third-round picks.

Also: two members of the All Time Angel lineup: Wally Joyner and Tim Salmon. (See the whole list here.)

So, it has some value. I have no way of evaluating if this turned out well for us, but I guess we'll know eventually.

No big deal. The team will have that much more money to spend in Latin America and the Far East, whose players aren't even subject to the draft.
They get an additional third round pick next year, according to the Times. So they don't lose the pick, they just defer it.

There's something about this kid I don't like, so good riddance in my opinion.

"I'll just go to school and be a top-five pick in three years and double what I could get now."

Sure, Matt. I'm sure signability won't be an issue in a couple of years when you go back into the draft.
And it's worth mentioning that even highly-thought-of guys like Nick Adenhart have occaisional bumps in the road to the Show. Given the kind of season Adenhart has had at AA (forget his ERA, check out his very pedestrian 6.56 K/9), I wouldn't be surprised if he repeated the level next year.
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