Thursday, October 04, 2007


Well, that pretty much made me want to take back all the nice things I said in the previous post. But, hey, Josh Beckett was on his game, so let's tip our caps and move on.

But let me say this: Bill Stoneman's first priority this offseason should be getting Erick Aybar off this roster. Nothing against Aybar -- he's a good glove, can probably learn to be a good basestealer, and has potential to be an acceptable hitter -- but how in all the holy heck Mike Scioscia thinks Erick Aybar and his .279 OPB (.259 against righties) should be pinch-hitting for Mike Napoli and his .351 (.344 against RHP) is beyond me. And, believe me, I don't want to hate on Sciosc -- I want him to be our manager for the rest of his natural life (and beyond, depending on technological advancements). But the only time that should be happening is if you need someone to lay down a bunt. Kendry for Willits? I can dig that. But I'd rather see Nathan Haynes batting than Erick Aybar. Heck, I'd rather see Gary DiSarcina pinch hit than Erick Aybar. I don't know what kind of toy Mike thinks Aybar is, but I think he got a faulty description on the box.

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Aybar's potential appears to be another Neifi Perez. He's come up really lucky using Aybar as a pinch hitter now and then, like that 13 pitch or whatever it was walk against the Yankees.

But its got to stop.
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